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Introduce a sense of structure, discipline, and fun into your home with "Vic's Rules of the Roost" interactive activity guide by iNvicta for Kids! This engaging resource invites children to understand the importance and necessity of household rules through a series of stimulating activities.


In this adventure, your child teams up with our friendly mascot, Vic the Dino. The guide presents various everyday scenarios to your child, like deciding dinner times or managing interruptions during conversations. Your child is then encouraged to reflect upon these situations and recognize the value of implementing rules to ensure smooth household functioning.


The guide takes a unique approach by inviting your child to come up with their own rules based on their daily activities. They'll not only learn to form rules but also comprehend their significance, fostering a sense of responsibility and mutual respect at home.

Your child's creative skills get a boost as they draw pictures representing each rule they've established. By visualizing the rules, they're more likely to understand and remember them.


The guide also introduces problem-solving scenarios, promoting critical thinking skills. Your child will learn to solve dilemmas while adhering to the rules they've established, which emphasizes the importance of discipline and respect for the rules.


In the end, Vic the Dino sends a heartfelt letter of encouragement to your child, celebrating their commitment to creating a harmonious home and instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment in them.


Whether you prefer to print it out or use it digitally, "Vic's Rules of the Roost" guide provides a space for parents and children to communicate openly, generate thoughtful responses, and foster an understanding environment.


Join us and Vic the Dino in making your home an even more enjoyable place with "Vic's Rules of the Roost"!

Vic the Dino's Rules of the Roost

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