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Teach your children the art of polite communication with "Vic's Polite Words Puzzle" by iNvicta for Kids! This engaging, interactive activity book is designed to cultivate manners and respectful conversation in a fun and enjoyable way.


Accompanied by Vic the Dino, children will dive into the world of polite phrases. The guide presents several puzzles aimed to instill in them the practice of using polite words. With activities like word searches, unscrambling jumbled letters, and filling in the blanks, children learn how to use respectful and courteous phrases in various contexts.


For instance, your child will hunt for polite words in the word search puzzle, unscramble jumbled letters to form polite phrases, and match situations with appropriate responses in the matching activity. Fill-in-the-blank exercises allow children to practice their newfound knowledge in sentences, thus reinforcing the phrases.


The guide encourages children to engage with the activities independently or as a family activity, fostering a supportive learning environment. To track progress and ensure understanding, an answer key is provided at the end of the book.


Finally, your child receives a congratulatory letter from Vic the Dino. This letter praises their effort and emphasizes the importance of politeness, respect, and the positive impact their words can have on others.


Use this activity guide, available in print or digital format, to enjoy the journey of learning with Vic the Dino. Transform the way your child communicates with "Vic's Polite Words Puzzle"!

Vic's Polite Word Puzzles

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