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Embark on a delightful self-discovery journey with Vic's "Discover Your Superpowers" worksheet! Specially created for kids aged 5-12, this interactive worksheet is an engaging and enlightening tool to help children explore their unique strengths, skills, and talents.


With this intriguing worksheet, kids get a platform to express their superpowers. It encourages self-awareness and builds confidence by recognizing their individual strengths, talents, good deeds, and personal goals. Each section of the worksheet provides an insightful exercise to reflect on their abilities and to harness their potential effectively.


In "My Super Strengths", children identify and draw or write about their strongest traits. "My Super Skills" encourages them to list any special skills they possess, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride. "My Super Deeds" provides a platform for acknowledging and appreciating their acts of kindness and good deeds. Lastly, "My Super Goals" lets kids set and articulate future goals related to their superpowers, further inspiring personal growth.


The worksheet comes with a guide for parents, providing useful tips on how to help children fill the worksheet effectively and make the most of the activity. Finally, the endearing note from Vic the Dino commends their hard work and encourages them to continue discovering and developing their superpowers.


This "Discover Your Superpowers" worksheet is not just a fun activity but also an enriching experience, helping children to recognize that everyone has unique superpowers, and it's fantastic to celebrate them.


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Vic the Dino's My Superpowers Worksheet

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