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Introduce your child to the art of mindfulness and wellbeing with "Vic's Mindful Moments" by iNvicta for Kids! This daily guide offers engaging mindfulness exercises that provide your child with the tools they need to manage stress, improve focus, and enhance their overall wellbeing.


Embarking on this journey with Vic the Dino, your child will encounter a unique mindfulness exercise each day, ranging from deep breathing and sensory observation to guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation. These activities are crafted to help your child focus on the present moment, appreciate their surroundings, and tune in to their feelings and sensations.


To deepen their understanding and experience, a 'Reflections' section follows each exercise, where they can note down their thoughts, feelings, and observations. This introspective activity facilitates a deeper connection with their inner self, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.


This journal aims to create an environment of tranquility and enhanced self-awareness. Regular engagement with these activities will nurture a habit of mindfulness in your child, setting the foundation for a balanced and mindful lifestyle.


At the end of the journey, your child will find a heartening note from Vic the Dino, commending their efforts and encouraging them to continue on their path to mindfulness and self-discovery.


Whether printed or used digitally, "Vic's Mindful Moments" offers a meaningful way for parents and children to explore the realm of mindfulness together, and cultivate a sense of peace and balance in their daily lives.


Join us and Vic the Dino in cultivating mindfulness and wellbeing in your child with "Vic's Mindful Moments"!


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Vic's Mindful Moments

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