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Transform your child’s perception of their abilities and potential with "Vic's Growth Mindset Challenge" by iNvicta for Kids! This dynamic challenge encourages children to understand and cultivate a growth mindset, showing them that abilities and intelligence are not fixed traits but can be developed through dedication and hard work.


Your child embarks on a seven-day journey with Vic the Dino, tackling daily tasks and reflections designed to foster this positive outlook. The challenge includes varied activities like recalling past obstacles and successes, attempting new tasks, seeking inspiration, and setting goals. By engaging in these activities, your child will come to see setbacks and challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement, rather than as failures.


Each day’s task is followed by a reflection phase, helping your child to introspect and understand their feelings and thoughts. Through discussions and reflections, your child will become more self-aware, developing resilience and the capacity to approach challenges with a positive mindset.


The tasks are structured to gradually deepen your child's understanding of the growth mindset. They'll learn to turn negatives into positives, set achievable goals, learn from mistakes, and realize their capacity for constant improvement. These lessons are not just educational but life-transforming, aiding in the development of a can-do attitude.


Vic's heartfelt note at the end of the challenge reinforces the spirit of the growth mindset. This encouraging message celebrates their dedication to the challenge and motivates them to continue growing and learning.

Whether you prefer to print it out or use it digitally, "Vic's Growth Mindset Challenge" provides a meaningful platform for parents and children to engage in insightful discussions and promote a lifelong love for learning.


Join us and Vic the Dino in instilling a growth mindset in your child with "Vic's Growth Mindset Challenge"!


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Vic's Growth Mindset Challenge

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