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Dive into the colorful world of emotions with Vic's Feelings Diary, a unique tool to help children aged 5-12 to identify, express, and understand their feelings. This diary is designed to promote emotional intelligence and self-awareness in a fun and interactive way.


The Feelings Diary provides a safe space for kids to record and reflect on their emotions every day. Each page features a variety of emotions, represented by friendly emojis, and spaces to jot down or draw what made them feel that way.


Children are encouraged to circle the emojis that best match their feelings each day.


Through regular use of the Feelings Diary, children can start to understand patterns in their emotions and identify what factors influence their feelings. This diary fosters a sense of empathy, allowing kids to understand that everyone has a range of emotions, and it's okay to express them.


Parents are given a brief guide on how to use the diary effectively with their kids, making the journey of emotional exploration a shared experience. It's designed to be used over a week, but it can be used for as long as needed.


To conclude the diary, there's an uplifting and encouraging note from Vic the Dino, reminding kids that every feeling is valid and important, and it's beneficial to share and express emotions.


The Vic's Feelings Diary is a heartwarming and valuable resource for fostering emotional intelligence and creating a deeper understanding of one's feelings.


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Vic's Feelings Diary for Kids!

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