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End your day on a high note with Vic the Dino's "Vic's Dino-mite Evening Routine Chart" This interactive chart on Vic's Digital Playground has been crafted for children aged 5-12, to help them establish a calming and efficient evening routine, promoting a good night's sleep and preparation for the next day.


A consistent evening routine is instrumental in winding down from the day, fostering relaxation, and ensuring a restful sleep. Our chart lists important tasks such as tidying up toys, brushing teeth, reading a book, and setting out clothes for the next day. Each task is clearly explained, making it easy for children to understand their responsibilities.


But with Vic, learning is always fun! Children are invited to engage with the chart, marking off tasks as they complete them each evening. This interactive approach motivates children to participate in their evening routines actively and monitor their progress over time.


"Vic's Dino-mite Evening Routine Chart" is not just about preparing for bedtime - it's about fostering independence, responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. So, join Vic the Dino on this evening journey and turn every night into a tranquil and rewarding experience!


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Vic's Dino-Mite Evening Routine Chart

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