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Help your child cultivate gratitude and positivity with "Vic's Daily Positivity Tracker" by iNvicta for Kids. This interactive tool, designed to bolster your child's mental and emotional wellbeing, encourages children to recognize and appreciate the positive experiences in their daily life.


"Vic's Daily Positivity Tracker" is a week-long activity that inspires your child to reflect on their day and identify three positive occurrences. These could be significant or minor experiences, such as performing well on a test or simply appreciating a beautiful sunset. Additionally, the tracker encourages children to pinpoint their favorite aspect of the day and identify how they contributed to someone else's happiness.


Implementing this activity as a daily routine can effectively help children develop an ongoing habit of positivity and gratitude. By encouraging this habit, the goal isn't just to complete the tracker, but to foster an enduring attitude of appreciation and positivity in your child's everyday life.


At the end of the week, Vic the Dino sends a motivational note, praising your child's efforts and encouraging them to continue their positivity tracking habit. The note also reminds children that their focus on positivity not only increases their own happiness but also spreads joy to those around them.


"Vic's Daily Positivity Tracker" is not just a fun and engaging tool, but a wonderful step towards fostering a positive outlook in your child's life. So, join us in spreading positivity and watch the magic unfold in your child's life!


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Vic's Daily Positivity Tracker

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