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Foster the art of meaningful conversation with "Vic's Conversation Starter Jar," a stimulating activity designed to inspire children aged 5-12 and their families to engage in meaningful and diverse conversations.


In "Vic's Conversation Starter Jar," families are provided with a collection of conversation starters on a variety of topics, from lighthearted and fun to thought-provoking and introspective. Each prompt is designed to ignite curiosity, empathy, understanding, and creativity, allowing children to broaden their perspective on a wide array of subjects.


The activity begins with preparing the Conversation Starter Jar. Simply print out the provided conversation starter sheets, cut out each individual strip, and place all the cut-outs in a jar or any other container. The fun part is selecting a strip from the jar each day, reading out the conversation starter, and engaging in a lively family discussion.


The objective of this activity is not to answer questions but to stimulate a family discussion that promotes listening, understanding, and better communication. It's a simple yet powerful tool for building stronger familial bonds and enhancing children's communication skills.


After the family has delved into these meaningful discussions, Vic the Dino, their prehistoric buddy, applauds the children on their communication efforts. He reminds them that good communication is a superpower and that they're building this superpower each time they use the Conversation Starter Jar.


"Vic's Conversation Starter Jar" is an invaluable resource that encourages open dialogue, better understanding, and enhanced communication among family members. It turns the simple act of conversing into a fun, engaging, and enlightening experience.


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Vic's Conversation Starter Jar

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