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Join Vic the Dino on a heartwarming journey of empathy and compassion and become part of  "The Kindness Crew" with our kindness activity book! Created for children aged 5-12, this activity book is an engaging way for kids to explore the concept of kindness and understand its profound impact on the world around them.


This activity book is packed with a variety of thoughtful exercises designed to inspire acts of kindness, from coloring pages that stimulate creativity to reflective writing prompts that encourage empathy. Each activity aims to nurture a sense of compassion, helping children understand how their actions can make a difference.


In this book, children will have the opportunity to express what kindness means to them, record acts of kindness they've completed or experienced in a Kindness Journal, and brainstorm ways to spread kindness in their daily lives. A special Random Acts of Kindness Challenge encourages kids to step out of their comfort zones and perform acts of kindness, further cultivating a habit of empathy.


Children will also be invited to reflect on how kindness makes them feel, fostering emotional intelligence and a deeper understanding of the importance of kindness. They'll even have the chance to write a kind letter to themselves, promoting self-compassion, and create a Recipe for Kindness, allowing them to actively think about what ingredients make up kind actions.


The "Kindness Counts" Activity Book concludes with a Kindness Crew Pledge, a powerful commitment to being kind to others and themselves. With this book, children will learn that kindness truly counts and that they have the power to make the world a brighter, kinder place.


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The Kindness Crew Activity Book

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