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Embark on a journey of digital communication with "Tapper's Email Etiquette Expedition!" Join us in this exciting adventure as we explore the world of email safety and proper online communication with this captivating activity book, specifically designed for children.


In today's digital age, understanding email etiquette is of utmost importance, and "Tapper's Email Etiquette Expedition" serves as a valuable tool to equip children with the necessary skills to use email safely and respectfully. This engaging workbook features carefully chosen activities, encouraging children to enhance their cognitive abilities and expand their knowledge of email communication.


Meet Tapper the Penguin, the friendly and wise companion who will guide your child through this email etiquette expedition. Tapper's encouraging presence instills confidence in young learners as they uncover important email safety and etiquette principles. With Tapper's assistance, children will develop into responsible digital communicators, ready to interact safely and respectfully online.


This activity book introduces fundamental email etiquette concepts such as "phishing," "encryption," "personal information," "attachments," and "spam." By learning these concepts early on, children will gain the tools to make informed decisions and responsibly manage their email communication.


In addition to fostering a sense of responsibility, "Tapper's Email Etiquette Expedition" also serves as a platform for meaningful conversations between parents and children. As kids engage in the activities, parents can explain the meanings and relevance of each term, reinforcing their understanding of email etiquette and safety.


"Tapper's Email Etiquette Expedition" is just the beginning of your child's journey in mastering digital communication. Visit regularly for more exciting content on digital safety and communication. Better yet, join Vic's Kids Club on our homepage to receive the latest downloads directly to your inbox!


Get ready for an email etiquette adventure like no other, where knowledge becomes the ultimate superpower, and together, we'll build a safer digital world for everyone!


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Tapper's Email Etiquette Expedition Activity Book

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