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Explore the joy of spreading kindness with "Vic's Kindness Bingo!" A fun and interactive game designed to inspire children aged 5-12 to incorporate acts of kindness into their everyday life.


In "Kindness Bingo with Vic the Dino," children are presented with a range of acts of kindness, from sharing a toy to making a new friend, represented on a bingo card. As they carry out these acts of kindness, they tick off each corresponding box on the bingo card. The game encourages children to look for opportunities to be kind and helps them realize that even small actions can make a significant impact on the lives of others.


This delightful game comes with two bingo cards. One pre-filled with various acts of kindness and another blank card where children can add a few of their own kind tasks, making this a personalized kindness adventure. The aim is not only to complete a row of tasks but also to fill the entire card, promoting the idea that kindness should be an ongoing practice, not a one-time act.


At the conclusion of the game, Vic the Dino cheers on the young kindness champions, reminding them that every act of kindness they share not only brightens someone else's day but also enriches their own lives. Vic encourages children to continue spreading kindness and love, emphasizing that in this book, they are all winners.


"Vic's Kindness Bingo" is a wonderful resource to foster empathy, compassion, and kindness in children, making the act of spreading love and positivity an exciting and rewarding journey.


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Kindness Bingo with Vic the Dino!

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