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Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World: Lessons from Our Extreme Gratitude Video

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World


Hello, fellow adventurers of the parenting world! As we navigate the challenging terrain of raising kids in an entitled world, we've got a powerful tool to share with you - gratitude! But wait, it’s not your ordinary, garden-variety gratitude. Hold onto your dino hats, folks, because we're talking about Extreme Gratitude! Inspired by our fun-filled "Extreme Gratitude" video, this blog will share innovative ways to help your kids appreciate the goodness around them. Strap in, and let's embark on this journey together.

The Power of Gratitude: More than a Polite Thank You

The word 'gratitude' may evoke a picture of polite manners and courteous 'thank you' notes. But gratitude is more profound, a heart-warming acknowledgment of the positive things that enrich our lives. It’s a feeling that can cultivate happiness and fulfillment, contributing to emotional resilience and positive relationships. By teaching our kids to be grateful, we are empowering them to approach the world with a positive perspective and a kind heart.

Gratitude in an Entitled World

Raising grateful kids in an entitled world can seem like a daunting task. Kids today are growing up in an era of abundance, with the world at their fingertips. In this digital age, instant gratification is the norm, making it a challenge for kids to appreciate the value of things. Yet, it's precisely in this environment that gratitude becomes more critical than ever. By instilling an attitude of appreciation, we equip our kids with a compass to navigate the sea of entitlement.

The Magic of Extreme Gratitude: Because Regular Gratitude Just Isn't Enough!

Extreme gratitude is about amplifying the power of appreciation and making it a delightful experience for kids. It takes the concept of gratitude to the next level by embedding it in engaging activities that children can relate to and enjoy. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to partake in something as exhilarating as “Gratitude Karaoke”?

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

Activity 1: Gratitude Karaoke

It's time to get those vocal cords ready and unleash your inner pop star! "Gratitude Karaoke" is a super fun way to express thanks. It encourages kids to pour their gratitude into catchy lyrics and belt them out in melody. So, pick your favorite song and swap the lyrics with thanksgiving notes. Don't forget to grab your microphone (or a banana) and let your gratitude echo!

Activity 2: Thank You Notes

The art of expressing thanks through handwritten notes may seem old-fashioned in this digital age, but its impact is timeless. Writing 'Thank You Notes' helps children acknowledge and appreciate the goodness in their lives, fostering empathy and kindness. It could be a note to a sibling for sharing a toy, a teacher for their guidance, or a friend for a playdate. Every note is a step towards building stronger relationships and a more compassionate world.

Activity 3: Gratitude Jar

How about capturing gratitude in a jar? The "Gratitude Jar" activity is an enduring reminder of all the things we appreciate. Each note in the jar represents a moment of thankfulness, a memory to revisit on days when a little happiness boost is needed. As the jar fills over time, it serves as a tangible measure of the abundant good in our lives, making gratitude a fun and rewarding experience.


Gratitude is more than an expression; it's a lifestyle. It's about acknowledging the good around us, cherishing it, and letting it inspire us to spread positivity. Raising grateful kids in an entitled world might not be an easy task, but with activities like "Gratitude Karaoke," "Thank You Notes," and the "Gratitude Jar," we can cultivate an attitude of appreciation in our children in a fun and engaging way. So, let’s grab that gratitude jar, warm up for some karaoke, and get ready to fill the world with Extreme Gratitude!

In the words of our friendly dino Vic, let's remember to practice gratitude every day, and watch how it changes our lives for the better. Onward to the next fun-filled episode of iNvicta for Kids, where we continue to navigate this thrilling journey of raising grateful children in an entitled world!

Remember, your everyday might be someone else's extraordinary, let's celebrate it with Extreme Gratitude! Check out the Extreme Gratitude episode on our YouTube channel!

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