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Believing in Yourself: A Key Ingredient in Boosting Kids' Self-Esteem

believing in yourself


Hello, passionate parents and caregivers! Today, we'll journey together into a life-affirming and empowering theme - self-belief. Using our fun and educational YouTube video, "Boosting Self-Esteem in Kids: Believing in Yourself with iNvicta for Kids," as a guide, we'll explore the crucial role of believing in oneself in enhancing children's self-esteem. Brace yourselves for an exciting adventure with our dynamic duo, Robert and Vic the Dino, as we navigate the path of self-belief, one affirming step at a time.

Believing in Yourself: The Keystone of Self-esteem

Belief in oneself is more than just a feel-good concept; it's the cornerstone of self-esteem, shaping how children perceive themselves and their capabilities. As Robert smartly points out, "Believing in yourself starts with having a positive relationship with yourself." It is this positive self-perception that forms the foundation for strong self-esteem.

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Our video takes children on an interactive journey of self-discovery through the practice of positive affirmations. Saying phrases like "I am strong" and "I am capable" helps instill self-confidence, paving the way for them to truly believe in themselves. These powerful affirmations serve as daily reminders of their potential and unique strengths.

believing in yourself

Reflecting Positivity: The Mirror Exercise

Building on the power of affirmations, we introduce the mirror exercise. Here, children are encouraged to look at themselves in the mirror and voice something positive about themselves. It's a simple yet potent act of self-love and acceptance that fuels self-belief.

Unleashing Imagination: The Role-playing Game

Adding a splash of creativity to the mix, Robert and Vic engage children in a fun role-playing game. Pretending to be superheroes, they highlight the unlimited potential within each child when they believe in their abilities. This imaginative exercise serves to foster self-belief, showcasing that when children truly believe in themselves, there's nothing they can't achieve.

Why Believing in Yourself Matters

Self-belief is more than just a mood booster; it's a catalyst for achievement and resilience. When children believe in themselves, they're more likely to take on new challenges, persist in the face of obstacles, and bounce back from failures. In essence, self-belief lays the groundwork for the growth mindset, shaping children into persistent learners and future problem-solvers.

Cultivating Belief: Encouraging Positivity and Imagination

Instilling a sense of self-belief in children is a gradual process, nurtured through daily affirmations, self-appreciation, and creative visualization. Encourage your children to engage in these simple yet transformative exercises. By fostering an environment where they're allowed to affirm, appreciate, and imagine themselves positively, you empower them to build their self-esteem.


Boosting self-esteem in kids starts with teaching them to believe in themselves. As Robert and Vic show us, it's through positive self-talk, self-appreciation, and imaginative play that children can cultivate a strong belief in their capabilities. As we conclude today's adventure, let's remember Robert's affirming message, "Remember, you can do anything when you believe in yourself!"

Join us next time as we continue our journey of nurturing self-esteem, one child and one lesson at a time. Here's to empowering our children, building their self-esteem, and fostering a generation that believes in its potential!

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